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How it works

Your campaigns can send collected email addresses and phone numbers directly to your Capsule CRM contact list, converting them into leads.


To enable Capsule CRM integration, you will need your Capsule CRM API Key.

Log in to your Capsule CRM account first.

1. Open 'My Preferences' as shown in Figure 1 below.

Capsule Figure 1
Figure 1

2. In 'My Preferences', select 'API Authentication Tokens' as seen in Figure 2 below.

Capsule Figure 2
Figure 2

3. In 'API Authentication Tokens' click the 'Generate New API token' button (see Figure 3 below).

Capsule Figure 3
Figure 3

4. Before you go on to click the 'Generate Token' button, make sure you have ticked the 'Create, update and delete' checkbox as seen in Figure 4 below.

Capsule Figure 4
Figure 4

5. After you have ticked the boxes and clicked the 'Generate Token' button, copy your newly generated API token because you will only see it once (see Figure 5).

Capsule Figure 5
Figure 5

Now that you have your Capsule CRM API Key, you can integrate your campaigns with Capsule CRM.